September 16, 2021



Alliance Financing Group (Alliance) was formed on January 31, 2000 to formally combine the leasing and financing business units of two affiliated leasing companies that had been in existence since 1989 and 1991 respectively, and who each operated under the trade name”Alliance Capital Leasing”.

Throughout its early years Alliance originally specialized in providing asset-based financing (primarily through leasing) for small to mid-ticket equipment acquisitions. By the late ’90s Alliance had become one of Canada’s most well-respected and successful lease originators, working both with vendors and end-users. Alliance’s reputation was based on competitive rates, excellent service and an outstanding credit approval ratio.

In 1998 Alliance began marketing into the USA and in 1999, with the launch of its Internet initiative,, Alliance began developing a truly global presence.

In February of 2000, Alliance announced the development and implementation of its on-line e-finance initiative. This suite of tools allows equipment & machinery Vendors, and other channel partners to offer Alliance’s financing services to their B2B customers over the Internet. Alliance’s Internet offering can be customized as a private label or co-brand and can be configured and implemented within days.

Since inception, Alliance has added additional products and services to its core offering of asset-based financing. This has allowed Alliance to become a more diversified financial institution, catering to the multiple needs of small-mid size businesses.